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[Poem] : Burn

Posted by tortillafactory on 2006.09.28 at 10:53

Relatively insignificant
I suppose
In a crazy, mixed-up world.
It came like the sun after a morning of waiting
Lasting forever
And then -
The blazing glory of it.
So sudden.
Blinding you.

Your silence, tearing away
At my soul.
I should have known then.
That night my friends
All thought I'd lost my head
I was losing my heart.
I should have known then.

We said each other's lines
Like we owned them
And that's when it started to show.
Except what they meant to us.
A tiny connection, something to hold on to
Like a scrap of a handkerchief
In an old Victorian novel.

Somewhere inbetween
Jokes and mysteries, cotton candy thoughts
Wanting to tell you everything
That came in to my head.
Darts, balloons, and roller coasters
And none of it made sense
If you weren't there.

Playing with fire (with the truth)
Until it finally caught ablaze.
Went up, up, up, fast as the sun
After a long dark morning.
We were mesmerized by the flames.
Wanting to touch
But touching again.

And when the fire has died
There is nothing
But the cold
And each other.

And we hold on.

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